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It’s not uncommon to have unwanted body hair, but women with PCOS often experience this concern on a higher level. Managing facial hair on your own often requires daily or weekly intervention with shaving and waxing to minimize growth. The most telltale locations of PCOS-related hirsutism are along the jawline, chin, neck, and upper lip, which can lead to a drastic drop in confidence and make patients feel uncomfortable showing their faces. At PCOS Sisters Telehealth Clinic & Wellness Center, our PCOS specialist nurse practitioner team addresses the root cause of your hair growth and can make you feel confident in showing your face once more. If you live in Florida,  Georgia, New York or Texas, and have or believe you have PCOS, schedule a virtual consultation with our PCOS Specialist Nurse Practitioner Team.

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Signs Of Hirsutism

The most obvious sign of hirsutism is seeing thick hair on the neck, chin, jawline, and upper lip. The excess androgens produced in the ovaries of women with PCOS cause more hair follicles to be in an active growth phase. This makes hair appear thicker and fuller in areas where hair isn’t typically noticeable or prevalent. For most women who experience this type of hair growth, the best course of action is to treat it at its source or target the follicles directly with cosmetic procedures, like laser hair removal.


Hirsutism FAQ

Unwanted hair growth is caused by an excess production of androgens, which causes the hairs to stay in an active growth phase. This leads to the appearance of thicker facial hair.
In most cases, unwanted hair growth in women with PCOS occurs on the chin, neck, and upper lip. The hair can range from light and stiff to dark and thick. While the hair can be temporarily managed with shaving, waxing, and laser, in order to prevent regrowth excess androgens must be decreased prior to hair removal. There are several medications our PCOS Specialist Nurse Practitioner Team prescribes to prevent hair regrowth by lowering androgen levels.
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Manage Unwanted Facial And Body Hair

Having hair growth in places where women don’t generally grow hair can lead to a loss of confidence. After time, it can start to feel unmanageable. Thankfully, there are many options available to women who experience this symptom of PCOS. 

If you want to reduce the appearance of unwanted facial hair and you live in Florida,  Georgia, New York or Texas, contact our team to schedule a virtual weight loss consultation.

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