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While one of the most prominent symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is unwanted hair growth on the face, another commonplace side effect is hair loss on the scalp. While these symptoms sound incompatible, they are both brought on by having higher testosterone than normal. At PCOS Sisters Telehealth Clinic & Wellness Center, Dr. Lynsey Johnson, DNP, FNP-C can help female patients with or without polycystic ovarian syndrome manage their hair loss with prescription medications. Proper treatment for hair loss can reinvigorate weakened follicles and bring fullness back to a head of hair. We're proud to treat patients in the following states and cities:


North, central, and south Florida, including Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, and Orlando.


Including cities of Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Augusta, and Macon.  

New York

New York City (Manhattan, Upper East side, Upper West side), Queens, Brooklyn, Rochester, and Buffalo.


Experts say that it takes about 50% of hair loss to notice thinning in a given area. But if you notice more clumps of hair coming out in the shower, when you brush your hair, or on your pillow than normal, this could be cause for concern. Female pattern baldness tends to develop in these areas:

  • Temples
  • Hairline
  • Part line

The most common hair loss progression for females starts at the parting line and continues throughout the scalp.


Can hair loss be reversed?
Once hair follicles have died, they cannot be revived. But hair follicles that still produce hair can be strengthened with medication and certain cosmetic treatments.

How is hair loss treated for women?
Treating female hair loss and hair thinning relies on stimulating weakened hair follicles to encourage them to produce thicker hair and enter an active growth phase. This can be done with medications. There are also certain cosmetic treatments some patients could consider for additional help.

Do you accept insurance?
PCOS Sisters Telehealth Clinic & Wellness Center offers both pay per visit and membership subscriptions. We are a cash pay only practice, meaning we do not accept insurance. Cash pay includes credit cards and debit cards. We cannot accept Medicaid or Medicare patients, even if you agree to pay cash as we do not bill insurance. If you have insurance that covers your labs, imaging, and medications, you may use it, but you might find that our discounted prices are cheaper if you self-pay.


People don't often associate hair loss with women. Whether your hair loss or thinning is caused by PCOS or something else, family nurse practitioner Dr. Lynsey Johnson offers comprehensive treatments to slow or stop hair loss in women. If you live in the state of Florida, contact our Florida-based team to schedule a virtual consultation.

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